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Unc D - VVL (ft. Bubby Lewis)

Unc D - VVL (ft. Bubby Lewis)

VVL is the lead track off of my 36 track album ‘Unc Precedented, Vol 1.’ This nu jazz song utilizes both of my signature production styles (iPad & Splice Jazz), as well as the return of the Yamaha EZ EG Guitar midi controller for the song’s lead bass melody. Also featured on bass is none other than Snoop Dogg alum Bubby Lewis, marking my first collaboration with an internationally acclaimed artist. VVL has an organic pulse, combining unexpectedly hip angles of funk, hip hop and future production. Check out the 2hr+ box set: Unc D: bass, synths, Yamaha EZ-EG Guitar MIDI Controller, electronic drum sequencing, sampling, voice; composition, mixing, splice editing, mastering, engineering, production. Thin Thicket: Rhodes Mark V, synths, electronic drum sequencing, sampling; live band session engineering and mixing, mastering, production. Bubby Lewis: bass Andru Dennis: piano, synths, rhodes mark v (live quartet) Gino West: acoustic drum set (live quartet) Tommy Lehman: trumpet (live quartet) Cotton Mom: acoustic percussion (live quartet) The Soulful Samurai: acoustic drumset Will Mallard: trumpet Justin Tibbs: sax Julian Dittmore: synth Alexander Gustavo: synths Nathan-Paul Davis: sax (sampled from ‘Stress Yeeting’) Mitch Lawrence: sax (sampled from ‘Which is Wu’) One shot footage and iPad editing by Anthony DiRienzo, additional editing and captions by Unc D. Video location: Bear Cave Studio, Room A, Youngstown, Ohio. “With over 330 mins of music released since Feb 2019, bassist/producer Unc D delivers the energy of the Ohio funk and jazz scenes to a global audience by merging improvised instrumental music (jazz, funk, RnB) with beat making (hip hop, electronica, future). Unc D’s specific blend of jazz funk is the result of tapping into his heritage as a working bassist in Youngstown, OH’s dance and funk scenes, while incorporating progressive and experimental future electronic production via working with producer Thin Thicket. With a ruthless independent release schedule of at least a single per month since July 2020, Unc D has found a way to pragmatically create a funky new world.” - Thundercat Follow Unc D on Spotify for monthly jazz releases: Follow Unc D on Instagram:
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